Dbayeh Camp is a samll camp to the north of Beirut.It is home to around 500 families with 90 newly added syrian refugee families. It is substitued on a hilly slope with one long street passing through the camp at the top of which stands church. Four narrow streets stand parallel to each other on one side of this street. Small houses stuch together are built on both sides of these narrow streets giving the camp a crowded look. Pots of plants are placed wherever possible on the entrance of the houses. At the entrance of the camp lies a number of old structur es that were once a school destroyed during the civil war with no permission to reconstruct.

In the midst of the camp,lies the JCC premise which contains a Library/Community Center.This premise began as a library, but with limited space availiable in the camp to carry programs for the community, the library was turned into a library community center with a variety of educational and artistic programs.